Tyco #245-02 “The Royal Blue” 2-8-0…


I’ve always wanted one of these so I was especially pleased to have it come my way—and only for the price of postage. The blue paint is quite striking if not somewhat over the top. Offered from 1977-87, to find one that runs as well as this one is especially hard. I have a scrapped locomotive to help with the missing hand rail parts but other than that, it is complete and ready to go.

Oh…the color?

It’s there for all to see…under all the black its previous owner put on it. …sigh

2 thoughts on “Tyco #245-02 “The Royal Blue” 2-8-0…

  1. Travis C Bentley

    I have just recently taken ownership of a Royal Blue 2-8-0 and want to place a decoder in it to run on my DCC layout. Any advise or know how?

    I assume one side of the power comes from the loco and other from tender?


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