Father’s Day 2010

Is it just me? In churches across this land on Mother’s Day, orchids are handed out and the grand virtues of mothers are spilled out from the pulpit, raising them up on a pedestal that culminates in a dinner at Cocodrie’s. On Father’s Day, we guys get a cheap ball point pen and are smacked around to work on some particular character flaw that has plagued us since the Garden…then we get to cook our own dinner over a flaming pyre in the backyard…sigh

My enjoyment of model trains goes back to a TYCO trolley followed by an AHM/Pocher 4-4-0 “Genoa” that my father would have running around our Christmas tree every year. In the end, I was their demise, the trolley when I used it with our Hotwheels cars in the playground at school, the Genoa to my many ventures into weathering and detailing in my early daze in the hobby. These are the replacements I’ve picked up since…


The blessing I have on Sunday is that our Bible study group doesn’t follow fashion trends, we got to stay home and be family***—followed by a 1/2 pound bacon cheeseburger smothered in grilled onions on a fresh baked roll and a chocolate shake at a favorite local eatery…urp

***Yes, my beloved got her dinner on her day at an appropriately haute cuisine type eatery—with French names for the entries and 2 digit prices with no decimal points in them on the menu…eeek

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