Walther’s HO scale Impact Test Car #933-6892…

Though you wouldn’t know it from how often my Blackberry has been going off, I’ve been on vacation the last 3 daze. Spent some time fixing this old kit from the 70s, upgrading the wheelsets and trucks and adding an onboard button cell battery power source rather than relying on track pickup. I repaired the missing corner steps and touched up all the paint with a 1 to 6 mix of Humbrol Matt 60 and 154, an almost perfect match.

I installed a flasher circuit that has a 15 second timer on it as well, the problem with the original being that the penalty flash was momentary most times. This one will flash long enough to see that the bad operator move can be noted without a doubt as to what happened.



The basic car is an Athearn bulkhead flat painted especially for Walther’s. I’m not concerned that I’ve “ruint a classic”, it was a bit rough when I got it, so I felt free to do as I pleased with it while retaining the original spirit of the car.

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