Matchbox Collectibles Hershey’s Kisses Limited Edition Mother’s Day tractor/trailer…

A Father’s Day gift from my son when he was 3 years old…

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We used to live down the street from a flea market. There we had a great relationship with several vendors, one of whom sold diecast models. When my beloved brought my son to his booth to get something for me for Father’s Day, his eyes fell upon this truck, he just had to get it for Dad…markings not withstanding. More than willing to dump an otherwise unsalable model on my unsuspecting boy,–there’s just not a big market for Mother’s day diecast–it was bagged and on its way out the door.

About a month later, I was chatting with the vendor and the subject came to my new truck model. After a chuckle, I said, “How could I not be pleased…it’s from my boy. He knew daddy modeled in things that size and got it for me.” My vendor smiled and said, “I guess I got no chance at buying that back, huh? …even at 4X the money?”

“Not really…why?”

“Weeeeelll….I have the complete set–almost. Thought I had that truck already but realized I didn’t and I need it to complete the collection.”

“Lemme guess, because of the paint it’s rather hard to find?”


“Happy hunting buddy…”

“Yeah, I figured as much…Happy Father’s Day.”

2 thoughts on “Matchbox Collectibles Hershey’s Kisses Limited Edition Mother’s Day tractor/trailer…

  1. Cristake

    This is a great story, sir – funny and full of affection as well. A “small thing” that really deserves to be told/remembered once and again, over the years – and here I am thinking mainly on love a little boy can have for his father. It is natural, it is common, it’s even a thing that passes unnoticed in the daily crazy world – yet so moving and heavenly smelling – I name here the child’s love. Forgive me if I am… ridiculously sentimental saying these, but probably they make us human or, who knows, a little bit more. God bless you and yours! And thanks for sharing this little great story.

    1. shaygetzshaygetz Post author

      Thanks Chris…it’s one of my favorite modeling stories. Even the vendor likes his part in it…blessings, grace and peace to you and yours.


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