1:34 First Gear Mack Granite tractor w/ dump trailer #19-3301 circa 2004, part II…

I suspect some were wondering, “Well, you had no problem taking that model from them for that price.”

Well…actually, I did.  When I saw how much it was really worth, I felt I should take it back and offer them an opportunity to exchange it for the model that the kids had found before me.  It was a 1:34 scale Oshkosh Cement Mixer Truck, undamaged, missing only the rear view mirrors…remarkable when you consider that the kids found it first.  My offer was simple, take this complete mint in the box Granite tractor/trailer model in exchange for the incomplete one…one worth an easy $100 for one priced $9.99.  Ministry gets a complete one of much greater value to further their cause, I get an unsalable, incomplete one in the hope that I can find the parts to finish it down the road.  What a deal, right?

Only…it wasn’t going to be that simple.

You see…they raised the price of the cement truck in the three days since I first purchased the tractor/trailer, making it $29.99, rather than the original $9.99 it was posted at, the same price I paid for my tractor/trailer.  They would make the exchange…if…I…paid…the…now…$20…difference.


Then she wanted to know if I wanted to return the tractor/trailer…


…I’ve created a monster.

I’ll post pictures of my new truck tomorrow…


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