Mister Rodger’s “Trolley” from a Bachmann Cable Car

I can believe that it took me 3 1/2 years to finish it. I’m given to much deep thought as to how to best finish a project, only to find that the simplest of methods and techniques are usually the most effective. In this case, rather than try to cut around each seat setting in the sides, I simply dimpled the top of the card stock between each seat, thereby reinforcing the old “3 foot rule”–if it looks good from three feet away, then it’s good enough.

The sides and sign are simply printed on heavy stock, then glued into place. My beloved lifted the graphics from a picture of Trolley, then reduced them to the dimensions of the cable car.

 photo IMG_1333 - Copy.jpg

 photo IMG_1338 - Copy.jpg

As the video shows, it runs quite well, and the open air effect is quite nice.

2 thoughts on “Mister Rodger’s “Trolley” from a Bachmann Cable Car

  1. Reynold

    Great idea and cute as a bunny!
    Too bad that Fred’s trolley doesn’t have a trolley pole. It would look even better.

    1. shaygetzshaygetz Post author

      Thanks…when I found out that the one used on the neighborhood model was pulled along with a fishing line, I just knew It could be done powered and in a way that you could see thru it. The one in the opening scenes was done with a modified TYCO trolley. Fred was once asked why there were no people on “Trolley”, his answer was that children were to imagine themselves on it. I suspect he would have given a similar response for the trolley pole… 😉


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