Monthly Archives: July 2016

The Choice…

Thankfully, by virtue of my position elsewhere, I cannot publicly come out for any one candidate. However, I can state what motivates my vote.

One is my obligation as an American citizen, a special grace given to me by God’s Sovereign will as part of His purpose for me as an individual, being ever mindful of the responsibilities great and small that go with that, and that I will be accountable for on that Great Day before His Throne.

Another is my obligation is not to stand behind any one candidate, but to propagate The Gospel of Jesus Christ within my sphere of influence. In America, my vote is part of that obligation, an opportunity to ensure that my ability to propagate The Gospel continues unimpeded by the ideology of those who oppose it and everything that goes with it.

With those and other elements in mind, I know who I will vote for, with a clear conscience and a fullness of heart that can only come from knowing The One by Whom all things were made and in Whom all things consist, and in Whose Hands kings’ hearts are turned at His will to perform His good pleasure for His eternal purposes, not all of which are known, or that can be known by me.