About the pictures in the header…

They are pictures of my models and model work past and present, taken by me in various scenic and studio settings that I have built over the years. They range from R/C airplanes in part and whole, various scale model diecast vehicles, Rivarossi steam engine models and other HO and N scale rolling stock, as well as an occasional model live steam engine. With each page change or stroke of the “Refresh” key, you will be greeted with a new picture so enjoy…

2 thoughts on “About the pictures in the header…

  1. Patrick Boyd

    Hi Bob,

    I have some AHM/Mehano LRV Trolleys that I would like to remotor and add a decoder. Any suggestions on a motor? Examples?
    Also have some AHM GG-1’s, some are Premier (two motors?). Again remotor & add decoder.
    I have a few Micromark #82884 &  Igarashi 18X33 motors.Thanks.
    Happy New Year!

    1. shaygetzshaygetz Post author

      I’m sorry, I don’t do DCC myself any longer. When I did, I always used the existing motor to cut costs and was rarely disappointed.


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