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Digitrax DZ125 digital decoder…

25 years ago, Model Railroader magazine put out a landmarks series of articles on building the CTC 16e command control system, one of the earliest systems that didn’t require hiding all the electronics in a permanently couple dummy diesel or large steam tender in HO scale to operate. Alas, DCC was still all but impossible for small HO steam, N scale decoders were 10 years away and DCC for Z scale was a laughable pipe dream.

Because the motor is in the tender of this PFM/United HOn3 C&S Mogul, DCC was limited to all but the most creative and knowledgeable electronics people, requiring the boards to be carefully split apart, fitted where they could and wired back together. Now you can fit them behind the tool box lid, and with more functions than ever imagined 25 years ago.


Moving to another level…

…so I’ll be passing on some of my model work to those who would have a better home for it.

This is an HO scale light tower I built, of the kind used to guide ships into harbor since the 60s. It is kitbashed and features a working flasher. Just join the Model Train Forum and be a part of our “Random Acts of Kindness/Pass It Forward Auction” thread to get a shot at it…