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Estes Model Rocketry…

When I was in the sixth grade and then again when I was in my late 20s, I actively participated in the hobby of model rockets. I miss many of those classic kits, the Orbital Transport being one that comes to mind. Once built, it had a shuttle that would separate from the main ship, then both would return to earth, the shuttle gliding and the transport by parachute.

Recently, I had picked up a small Beta Series “Wizard” kit at a local flea market, intending to introduce my son to the hobby…model trains don’t really click with him but Star Wars surely does.

The kit was one thing but when one tosses in the price of engines, wadding and a launch system, a clear threat to my already small hobby budget was in the making…’til one of the teenagers on the property got their learner’s permit and wanted to know if Mr. Shaygetz would like to have ‘this stuff’


“Why thank you son, yes I would…”