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Matchbox Collectibles Hershey’s Kisses Limited Edition Mother’s Day tractor/trailer…

A Father’s Day gift from my son when he was 3 years old…

 photo P8250025_zps503749dd.jpg

We used to live down the street from a flea market. There we had a great relationship with several vendors, one of whom sold diecast models. When my beloved brought my son to his booth to get something for me for Father’s Day, his eyes fell upon this truck, he just had to get it for Dad…markings not withstanding. More than willing to dump an otherwise unsalable model on my unsuspecting boy,–there’s just not a big market for Mother’s day diecast–it was bagged and on its way out the door.

About a month later, I was chatting with the vendor and the subject came to my new truck model. After a chuckle, I said, “How could I not be pleased…it’s from my boy. He knew daddy modeled in things that size and got it for me.” My vendor smiled and said, “I guess I got no chance at buying that back, huh? …even at 4X the money?”

“Not really…why?”

“Weeeeelll….I have the complete set–almost. Thought I had that truck already but realized I didn’t and I need it to complete the collection.”

“Lemme guess, because of the paint it’s rather hard to find?”


“Happy hunting buddy…”

“Yeah, I figured as much…Happy Father’s Day.”

1/24 Action Racing Collectibles Platinum Edition Dale Earnhardt #15 WRANGLER 1983 Thunderbird

A nice score found at a yard sale, I’ve wanted to add at least one of “The Intimidator’s” cars to my very small NASCAR collection. One of the original coin banks from the early 1980s that started the whole diecast hobby, it models a time when the cars were real and could easily be distinguished from one another…i.e. ’twas more than stickers that told you what brand it was… an added bonus.  At one point these were easily fetching $250 with the original box but, as time passes, like any collectable “investment”, the values have fallen considerably…more into the $40-50 range.

 photo P7200226-640_zpscd2a67e3.jpg

 photo P7200224_zps13b33b93.jpg

 photo P7200220-640_zps4df3efe6.jpg

 photo P7200217-640_zps1902f0e0.jpg

 photo P7200222-640_zpsbed652bd.jpg

…it even has the original key.

I was working in a retail store at the time of the deaths of Allan Kulwicki and Davey Allison, and well remember the fans flocking in to grab up all of the Racing Champions Diecast we had of them. Since stocking those shelves was my job anyway, it wasn’t long before I was buying those models–with the employee discount–then reselling them at a local flea market. By then though, the market had been flooded and I considered myself blessed to at least recoup my money.

 photo DSCF9787.jpg

 photo DSCF9790.jpg

Was it wrong? That really is a decision of conscience one can only make with a right relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ. There are no specific “Thou shalt not capitalize on the mouldering corpse of a fallen celebrity.” verses, or even a principle against that which can be garnered from any Scriptural study I’ve looked into. I am however, told to take reasonable risks on reasonable investments, understanding that the money belongs to the Master of the house and for which I am accountable upon His return for it. I’m also told that “…that which is not done in faith is sin…” and, between the Master and I, there is a certain morbidity that cannot be overcome, and that the appearance of which would trouble weaker brethren. That is why this car now sits on my shelf and why I treasure it for more than the thing that it is.

Just sayin’…

In the last 32 months, I’ve…

…picked up and moved my family 250 miles…

…driven 90,000+ miles working in my new home state…

…inspected over 15, 000 apartments…

…started a new life on our own little farm out in the country and all that goes with farming, while holding down a full time job that can run 50+ hours a week, with almost half of that behind the wheel…

…I really don’t have anything left for a blog at this moment.  It certainly isn’t for lack of material.

I’ve got some really great stuff going on in my modeling these last 6 months.


Meantime, I have got to find me one of these…

 photo 03-04-2013085157PM-640_zps641b9a32.jpg

Dave Hunt 1929-2013

Born in 1926, David Charles Haddon Hunt enjoyed the advantages of a godly upbringing and placed his trust in Jesus Christ as his personal Savior and Lord in his early teens.
As a young man, he served in the military toward the end of World War II. Afterward, he attended UCLA and received a degree in mathematics. It was during that time that he met the love of his life, Ruth Klassen. In 1950, they were married, and since both loved the outdoors, they enjoyed a beautiful honeymoon hiking in the High Sierras—perfect for two young people madly in love and with very little money to their name. Marriage was soon followed by the birth of two sons and two daughters. Ruth was a busy mother and also a gifted writer herself. She had a tremendous interest in and knowledge of history, a gift that would help Dave further down the road. Dave’s own career path led him into a position as a CPA/management consultant and later as the manager of several corporations.
Along with church-related activities, Dave initiated and became involved in numerous campus ministries and meetings in their home, with a special outreach to Jewish young people and foreign students. Many of these have stayed in touch with Dave and Ruth through the years, fondly recalling their times spent in Bible studies at the Hunts’ house.
Dave and Ruth also traveled abroad, spending time in various locations throughout Europe, meeting with believers there and ministering in many ways while raising their own family. Dave also brought Bibles and other materials into the Soviet Union during a time when it was very difficult to do so. Throughout his later years, he and Ruth traveled extensively as he was invited to speak in churches and fellowships, large and small, all over the world. Often they stayed in people’s homes, dining with them, learning their customs, and sharing God’s Word and God’s love.
The desire of Dave’s heart was ultimately to be involved in fulltime ministry, especially since he saw firsthand everywhere he went the breaking down of the true church as the world began to work its way into her midst. He began to write in 1973, warning believers about the incursion into Western culture and into the church itself of Eastern religion, psychological and selfist philosophies, ecumenism, and other unbiblical teachings.
The ministry of The Berean Call was founded by Dave in 1992. It grew out of a previous organization, of which Dave was also a founding member since 1986. With T.A. McMahon working alongside him at The Berean Call, Dave was able to share his love for and defense of Christ in the subsequent newsletters, books, videos, and speaking engagements that resulted from this ministry. Dave and T.A. wrote three books together, including the best-known The Seduction of Christianity , which was groundbreaking in its boldness, exposing false teachings in the church and daring to identify the names of the ones behind the deception.
By the early 2000s, Dave’s love for Christ and his desire to defend the name of the Lord had grown even stronger, and his concern over Islamic politics and religion are reflected in many of his articles, lectures, books, and interviews.
Then Richard Dawkins and the “new atheists” came onto the scene with a vengeance, seeking to destroy the very concept of God in the minds of everyone. Dave began to write and teach and speak more passionately than ever about the absolute truth that is in the Word of God and our need to immerse ourselves in it daily in order to prevent being taken up in the evolutionist delusion that is sweeping the world.
One of Dave’s favorite activities was to see whom God would seat next to him on airplanes as he traveled and spoke. He often said that he “could prove the existence of God” just by these providential occurrences. While writing about Islam, he would end up seated next to a Muslim who didn’t really understand what Islam was about but was eager to hear the difference between the Bible and the Qur’an. When writing about creation vs. evolution, the Lord would bring him, as a seat companion, an atheistic scientist who thought he had all the answers and was very surprised that there was another verifiable explanation to this universe.
Dave’s bold yet loving approach to any situation allowed him entrance into these conversations where many others would have been shut out. His love for Jesus, for Israel, and for people in general was obvious to all. His enthusiasm for the truth, along with his anger over the sin and wickedness that he knew was robbing people of what God wanted for them, flamed his desire to share the Lord with anyone with whom he had contact.
At least 4 million copies of his books have been sold, many of them translated into more than 50 languages. They include: The Cult Explosion; The God Makers (with Ed Decker); The Seduction of Christianity (with T.A. McMahon); Global Peace and the Rise of Antichrist; Peace, Prosperity, and the Coming Holocaust; The New Spirituality (with T.A. McMahon); Whatever Happened to Heaven?; Occult Invasion; A Woman Rides the Beast; A Cup of Trembling; In Defense of the Faith; An Urgent Call to a Serious Faith ; To Russia with Love (with Hans Kristian); What Love Is This?; Countdown to the Second Coming; Seeking and Finding God; Honest Doubts; Judgment Day!: Islam, Israel, and the Nations; Yoga and the Body of Christ; and his final book, Cosmos, Creator, and Human Destiny.
He also wrote two novels, The Mind Invaders (formerly The Archon Conspiracy ) and Sanctuary of the Chosen, along with a children’s book called The Money Tree , illustrated by his daughter Karen.
This is by no means a complete listing of all of Dave’s works. One of his videos, Israel, Islam & Armageddon, has become a tremendous tool for churches and for anyone interested in helping to spread the truth about events prior to and since the attack on the World Trade Center. His video A Woman Rides the Beast is a favorite among those who are witnessing to Catholics, a group for whom Dave had a deep love and sorrow, desiring to see them come to the knowledge of the truth.
Dave Hunt’s own drive to find and then deliver the truth is evident in everything he did. His impeccable research and recognized scholarship were based on in-depth studies of original documents and publications, interviews with key experts from around the world, and extensive travel—including to South America, Australia, Europe, India, and throughout the Middle East.
Dave has left us a legacy of inestimable value. We are blessed to be able to see and hear and read what he has taught about the evidence for God in a breathtaking number of materials. From explaining about the history of Christianity, to exposing the deception that has crept into the church, to teaching about the prophecies that are being fulfilled even today, this humble, brilliant man will go on teaching us for a very long time. We look forward to the day when we will see him again.

There are no public services scheduled at this time. There will be a time to remember Dave at our conference this summer, August 23-24 in Bend, OR.
In lieu of flowers or other gifts, Ruth requests that we rejoice with her that Dave is now with his Savior.

Yes…it has been awhile, hasn’t it?

Been in a bit of a course correction, map setting mode spiritually of late.  I have no patience for anyone who cannot see what is going on around us, making me rather enthusiastic dinner company to have around.  But…the purpose of this blog has always been to propagate the Gospel of Jesus Christ in the modeling community, and it is in that vein that I shall continue to run.

I have not been without projects being done in the interim, just haven’t had the gumption to post about them or set up my diorama to get good pictures.  So, in pictures that would make Pulitzer sob like a school girl, I shall post what I have of upcoming projects that I will do as I get better pictures in the coming weeks.

First up, an HO scale 1951 Varney yard switcher repower…the locomotive came to me for repairs, only to be further devastated by the Postal Service…

 photo 1cd70d26-bbc7-4f4e-8451-e5532939bdf1_zps78d3e618.jpg

 Next up…an HO scale circa 1990s Bachmann Spectrum Dash 8-40C that sports a fuel tank I scratchbuilt from sheet styrene and bits from the scrap box…

 photo 247f5b69-99fd-4961-9b3a-b2417dccafe7_zps3da7b30f.jpg

Then a junkbox HO scale Marx Hustler gets a makeover….

 photo 46638525-0dcc-4432-98a0-e5d9c8d8ce1d_zps865bbea0.jpg

Not to forget the many gifts that keep coming in from fellow modelers around the country…

 photo 6f4a9058-4a08-4b81-bdad-1e7b6836b27b_zps87f1e221.jpg

 photo aead0f2f-93fb-451d-800e-9ac7c7881f7c_zpsf9c7d46d.jpg

 In short, it’s been a tough start spiritually this year, but a blessed one.  As the demands of a closer walk with my Saviour wrest with the demands of this temporal life, my hobby and little farm grow and fit into the future in the way God wishes it, leaving us to marvel at His works in our lives and rest secure that the future is not so bleak so long as one keeps their eyes on The Great Shepherd…

Blessings, grace and peace to you and yours…

Just in case you thought this blog was just about model trains…

I’ve grown weary of what is called Christian today.  When I look around, I’m reminded that there are three people in the Bible…the Children of God, that’s those that are washed in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ and walk accordingly…there’s the Children of Wrath, that’s what the lost who don’t know Christ as Lord and Saviour currently are–and if He isn’t your Lord…He isn’t your Saviour–…then finally, there are the Sons of Hell…and they’re easy enough to figure out, maybe you’re even one of them.

You’re happy where you’re at in your walk in today’s Christianity.  You “accepted” Him as your Lord with a little trite babbling guided by an equally misguided babbler with “pastor” in front of his or her name…never mind that Jesus doesn’t give a wit about that…He is Lord, King and Saviour regardless of whether you accept that or not.  If your every moment of every day walk doesn’t line up with that, in the eyes of a Most Holy God, you are no better than that hopeless crack addict you keep lording your good works over.

—or—you just don’t care.  Even now you’re angry because you didn’t come here to get preached at.  You might even want to work to ban such “intolerant hate speech” from off the face of the earth because you’re the fittest example of what a tolerant attitude is.  That’s OK because God says all creation proclaims His Gospel so that folks like you can go screaming off into eternity with the full knowledge that you had no excuse not to believe otherwise.  Until then, whatever it is that turns your clock…do it with all the gusto you can muster because that clock is ticking.

You see, Sons of Hell are what the old King James calls “reprobate”, basically worthless pawns who live only at the behest of God Almighty, under control of the Devil himself to do his bidding, until such time that God cuts that thin cord that holds their soul to this earth, so that they can go on to the reward they so eagerly sought.  Today’s Christianity just makes church folks nice, unoffensive branches that bear no fruit and justify everything the worlds holds against the Church, fit only to be cast into the same fires as the tares.  Being reprobate means also that they’re unredeemable–they couldn’t be saved if they wanted to, though they seek it with many tears.

So…which are you?

If Paul, the guy who wrote most of the New Testament, was always concerned that he himself would be a castaway (same word as “reprobate” in the Greek), how firm is your footing?

For though I be free from all men, yet have I made myself servant unto all, that I might gain the more. And unto the Jews I became as a Jew, that I might gain the Jews; to them that are under the law, as under the law, that I might gain them that are under the law; To them that are without law, as without law, (being not without law to God, but under the law to Christ,) that I might gain them that are without law. To the weak became I as weak, that I might gain the weak: I am made all things to all men, that I might by all means save some. 

And this I do for the gospel’s sake, that I might be partaker thereof with you. Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain. And every man that striveth for the mastery is temperate in all things. Now they do it to obtain a corruptible crown; but we an incorruptible. I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.—(1Co 9:19-27)