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NORSCOT #55206 1/50 Scale Caterpillar 797F Mining Truck

An update to the post yesterday.  I went to the thrift store this morning with the intent to buy this model if they had not taken my advise and marked it up.  It was a blessing to see that, not only did they mark it up properly, but they actually researched it and found what it was worth and priced it accordingly.  She’s a beast…and one of the hard to find white ones…

Maker’s description…

Caterpillar 797F Mining Truck – HUGE and weighing in at over 9 pounds!
• Boarding ladder flips down to ground level • Side mirrors rotate in • Rails are metal • Engine Compartment opens to reveal engine detail • Working steering with linkages • Rock Knockers • Painted rivets • Grill Detailing • Truck bed raises and lowers
• Wheels roll with authentic tread design
• Power Edge and nomenclature deco
• Grab bars, ladders and authentic trim detail
• Clear windows display detailed interior cab

…and at $199.99, still reasonable price for anyone interested, with the understanding that it is a ministry to troubled teens and worthy of the gift they’d be giving.


1:34 First Gear Mack Granite tractor w/ dump trailer #19-3301 circa 2004…

You would think paying $10 for a model that retails for $170 would make my day.  What if I told you that I could have picked up two more for a total retail value of just over $570…for less than $35–including tax?  What if I told you that two of those models were found in the toy aisle at a local thrift store and that the kids had already found one and proceeded to play with it as though it were a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle rescue vehicle?

How many of these are now finding a wall at the hands of children who have no clue what they have, given them by parents who just wanted them to shut up so they can shop?

How did they get there except at the hands of a family palming off Pop’s estate of “toy junk”, not knowing they had a sizable chunk of money to get, if they simply had the patience to look them up on eBay and sell them there?

How about a Christian thrift store ministry that had no clue they had a treasure trove of dollars waiting for their work, if they’d only draw from knowledgeable brethren an idea of how to maximize this endowment?

In my line of work I walk among millions in wasted dollars every day.  Being in debt up to my eyeballs in incidentals makes this a soul crushing venture.  The mental exercise of “What I could do with that money.” is quite disheartening, I’m at a loss.  To see the Church unwittingly fritter it away makes it all the worse.

“But Br’er Shaygetz…why don’t you offer your services to these folks?”

 …because the offers are often at best ignored or received with a polite pat on my head or, at worst, viewed with suspicion…I’m often left with a sense of distrust on their parts towards me, after all, who would willingly tell a ministry that they can get more money for what they’re selling?

Replica Models, Inc.

Original ad from the June, 1972 Railroad Modeler magazine…

Used to drool over these ads when I saw them in all kinds of modeling magazines back in the late 60s/early 70s.  What kid wouldn’t have wanted an impressive looking–with full working action–model of a German Schmeisser submachinegun or a Thompson Model 1921? Having wondered if the company survived thru the years, I found they had changed hands and became Collector’s Armory, Ltd.  From their site…

About Collectors Armoury

In 1968, Replica Models, Inc. was founded as a mail order company designed to provide collectors with a new and innovative product: Non- firing Replica Guns. Replica Models was the first to offer these quality replica guns in the United States.

In 1972, a sister company, Unique Imports, Inc., was established to furnish military collectors with a wide range of original and high quality military collectibles. In 1980 Replica Models, Inc. and Unique Imports, Inc. merged to form Collector’s Armoury.

Non-firing replica guns are still a large part of our business today, though our product line has grown to include historic reproductions from the Middle Ages through the 20th Century. From Medieval swords and armour to Old West Pistols and modern replica firearms, Collector’s Armoury remains dedicated to providing collectors, history buffs, theatrical groups, and TV and movie producers with high quality, historic reproductions.

Collector’s Armoury has served hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide for nearly 40 years. We supply the U.S. Government, Armed Forces, and Law Enforcement communities with products used as training aids. Our products are available on-line, via catalog, or in any of the hundreds of hobby and antique shops, specialty stores, and decorator and gift shops that carry our products nation-wide.

Toll Free: (800) 336-4572 Monday through Friday between 8.30AM and 5.00PM EASTERN TIME.


Address: 442 Westridge Parkway, Building 100, McDonough, GA 30253

While my desire for a model submachinegun has gone the way of GI Joe and Evil Knievel, that is a rather boss looking M1849 Dragoon pistol tugging at my inner Josey Wales…

1973 AMC Gremlin, Malibu Classics HO scale diecast…

Just thought you’d want to see how it’s built in this ad from 1973…

I well remember them…along with the Ford Pinto and the Chevy Vega, all products of the gasoline crisis of the day, when I watched long lines at the pump and gas go from 35 cents a gallon to 79 cents.  Yeah, go figure.  You know you’re getting old when you wax nostalgic for one of these beasts.  Still trying to figure out why I’d want more headroom in the trunk…?

“Leave the gun…take the canolis…”