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Marklin HO scale post war CCS 800 “Crocodile”, circa 1949-50…

…one of their earliest examples, it came in its original wooden nesting box and had no signs of the dreaded zinc pest.


A good example can fetch $5000 or more and the one pictured was now in my hands. A friend had a neighbor who was cleaning out his garage, whereupon he pulled out three old plastic Coke trays filled with old Marklin trains, track and accessories. There also was a complete American Flyer S scale set with a 4-4-2 locomotive and track.

“$50,” he said, “…the old man just wants a little money and has no idea what it’s worth.” I believe my friend had my best temporal interests in mind but, alas, he doesn’t have an eternal perspective. My…our…Great Judge and King has a gaze from His Throne that sees through all of our actions, no matter how good or innocent they appear.

I told him I’d look it all over that night but knew that I couldn’t come near a fair offer for the lot. The next day I dropped it off, the old man’s kids now having found out that there was a little bit of treasure in the garage to palm off on Ebay. Who knows where that Croc is now.

“Well done, good and faithful servant.” means a whole lot more to me now, and, like some trophy catch and release fish, I still have a picture of the one that got away.

My proposed Amtrak 9/11 commemorative GG1 in HO scale…

September 11, 2001 for me was the fourth day of a long overdue vacation after starting to get back on my feet again. Not long before I lost my pastorate and my home. What was left was being paid off monthly at 13.9% interest to the IRS. I woke up late that morning and stumbled into the living room, turning on the TV just about the time the second plane was hitting the towers.

I’ve never forgotten how it felt that day, especially being the son and brother of firemen and the nephew of a police officer. On the fifth anniversary, I took the artwork that they came up with and placed it on the side of a GG1 painted as though Amtrak was still running them on the Northeast Corridor. I’ve often wondered what it would look like fleshed out and look forward to the day when I could have it done to one of mine.

It features the faces of two bald eagles facing fore and aft as a picture of vigilance as well as the three patches, one for the fireman, one for the police and Port Authority and one for the the event itself. The running gear would be black.



Tyco/AHM-Rivarossi HO scale Pennsyvania GG1 2-C+C-2 electric…

Easily the best loved of the American heavy electric locomotives, they served for 50 years and 5 roads including Penn Central, Conrail, Amtrak and New Jersey Transit. It was Tyco’s first new model in a long time and, for a toy, you have to admire the effort.

Tyco version 1977-1986

AHM/Rivarossi from around 1984 with the newer coil spring drive train

Boxcab from a Walther’s Doodlebug gas electric kit…

…and a few bits of department store signage (it works like commercial sheet styrene), brass wire, lost wax castings, an old AHM/Rivarossi pantograph from one of their GG1s, a fertile imagination…and a bit of cutting, gluing and soldering. A free lance design, I wanted to build a locomotive from the ground up without too many hand tools. No paint job coming anytime soon as my beloved likes it just the way it is.