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A wagon for my Mamod TE…

Picked up this little John Deere farm wagon for 25 cents with the express purpose of turning it into an appropriate wagon for my TE. The biggest problem was finding and mounting suitable wheels, but this was fixed with a bargain yard sale purchase of K-Nex and Meccano bits. The Meccano bushings fit perfectly into the K-Nex wheels, which then fit onto Meccano axle mounts. I simply cut the old axles with bolt cutters…

 photo IMG_2283-640_zps0532163a.jpg

…then mounted the new wheel assemblies in their place…

 photo IMG_2284-640_zpsad1e63e8.jpg

 photo IMG_2289-640_zps1bade3ed.jpg

…making for a snappy looking combo for the next steam up in Jackson. Bending the hook on the tow bar down 90 degrees hooks it right into the loop on the spirit burner that protrudes from the scuttle box.

 photo IMG_2287-640_zps72ed31cf.jpg

Blessings, grace and peace to you and yours…

Mamod TE1a generator project…

Just wanted to see if it could be done…

 photo IMG_2153-640_zps70f6df13.jpg

Started with a Canon ball-bearing motor with a 3mm shaft that can readily accept Meccano and Steel Tec pulleys. I then slipped it into a 35mm plastic film can.

 photo IMG_2149-640_zps4d754f57.jpg

 photo IMG_2151-640_zps5a367483.jpg

 photo IMG_2152-640_zps44c2bbe0.jpg

With some 3/8″ brass strap I had, I fashioned a bracket that both cradled the genny and fit around the flange at the base of the smoke stack. I soft soldered it and, with a bit of filing and buffing, made a sharp looking piece that goes with the spirit of the tractor, and that does not alter the stock model either.

 photo IMG_2156-640_zpse11f6a9c.jpg

A bit of test fitting…

 photo IMG_2157-640_zps46dea42b.jpg

 photo IMG_2162-640_zpsf4a9260c.jpg

 photo IMG_2159-640_zps164b5bf2.jpg

…and mounting with 6″ wire ties secured with a tie strap gun, made for a nice secure mount, the straps adding an almost buckle-like detail in the finished work.

 photo IMG_2179-640_zps2a2f30d0.jpg

The large 1″ pulley used in the beginning pushed only 2-3 volts DC at full throttle. When I swapped to this 1/2″ one, I got up to 5-6 volts DC.

 photo IMG_2279-640_zps55910d46.jpg

By switching to this 3/4″ pulley AND running the drive band AROUND the flywheel, I was able to pull 15-16 volts DC, enough to run my model rains on quite nicely. Interestingly, the belt does not need a groove to stay on the flywheel, a bit of tech advice from a member of the Mamod forum.

 photo IMG_2275-640_zpsfe5f52e1.jpg

I even wired this Meccano/Steel Tec Ferris Wheel to run off of the genny. By wiring it the way I did, thru an accident of design, I managed to set it up so that it can run both forward and reverse off the battery pack, and the generator when set in the “off” position.

 photo IMG_2287a-640_zps4d306240.jpg

There is another project to go with this that I will post tomorrow.

Blessings, grace and peace to you and yours…

Krick Model 2 two cylinder marine steam engine…Part VI, the base…

My marine engine friends would rather it be mounted into a boat. Alas, that is not possible…owning a piece of property and putting a home on it are now top priorities.

A base was necessary though as, once polished, it gets hard to handle without smudging it all up. I could think of no more fitting base than a reminder of God’s continued grace poured out on me and my family. This is a scrap drawer front from one of the subsidized housing units I work with, a place my family and I could just as easily be residents of were it not for His unmerited favor and lovingkindness on us.



The area we are moving to is quite beautiful, the nearby town as small as they can get without disappearing off the map, a mere crossroad with a smattering of buildings that include a post office and grocer, yet a major hospital is not far at all.

While I have given up on the other denominations, there is a local Baptist church that I will look into. Sucking on a green persimmon should help me fit right in. I’m sure the nearby Pentecostals will be more than happy to swing from the rafters for us but I’ve grown weary of that show. There’s a UMC just down the street as well, but I’ve already been fired from them once.

Here’s a faith tester—would His unmerited favor and lovingkindness be any less were we to have to live in one of those subsidized units? I can think of at least one Pepsodent smile wearing TV preacher that would say ‘Yes” to that…and be wrong.

Looks like it’s gonna be an interestin’ summer…

Oil can alcohol burner…

Two weeks back I bought 2 nice small oil cans for my engines. This one had a great deal of rust in it and, while cleaning it out, I managed to take the temper out of the bottom that removed the familiar dome button action that facilitated oiling. Irked at my ignorance, I nearly tossed it…until I came up with this sweet burner.

I simply removed the spout and mounted it to be used both as a handle and a vent for the reservoir. The wick comes up through the remaining spout and, because of the taper, is a natural fit and easy to install. The vent is through the end of the handle, mounted into a hole in the reservoir and sealed with JB Weld. Works like a champ…


LITIGIOUS SOCIETY DISCLAIMER: Denatured alcohol is nasty because it burns nearly invisible. Because life’s lottery has unfairly distributed technical skills and knowledge among folks, leaving more than a few with the mechanical aptitude of a grape, and few with the fortitude to take responsibility for their actions, you take your life, family and house into your own hands if you follow through with this or any technical advise I offer on this blog.

Wilesco boiler sight glass bolts…

…are less than relaxing to install. I found that by placing the flat rare earth magnet from a child’s toy on one side of my 4mm wrench, I could place the nut in the wrench, then line it up under the bolt and sight glass flange…







…it all buttons up in less than 20 minutes. I tightened each bolt/nut a half turn in the order shown, until all were tight and snug. Wilesco does not provide guidelines, and I am no expert so you are on your own at this point. One should take care to tighten them evenly and carefully so as not to bring undue pressure on any one point of the sight glass, flange or gasket.