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HO scale Pocher Lincoln funeral car…


One of the few truly rare pieces of plastic rolling stock in HO scale, it was offered for a short time back in the late 1960s in two variants, this one with separate castings for the roof vents and another with the vents cast in. Mine has had its smoke stacks replaced and the railings have some damage but it is in pretty fair condition, fulfilling a lifelong desire to own one. There’s a definite “man cave” appeal to the idea of articulated trucks on a private car…

It’s fascinating to note that the real one, built in 1864 for President Lincoln, was never ridden by him until his death, many at the time believing he thought it too pretentious for someone with his simple beginnings. The car, named the “United States”, was built to ride both the Northern 4′ 8 1/2″ gauge and the Southern 5′ gauge. It was fitted more like an office with no kitchen or sleeping area and was not suited for long distance travel.

Shortly after the funeral, it was sold to the Union Pacific RR. for about $8,000. 8 years later it was sold to the Colorado Central for $3,000 and used as a day coach. It slowly was downgraded to a work car until the 1890s, when it changed hands several times, finally ending up in the care of former SOO Line president, Thomas Lowery, who restored it to its former glory. In 1911, a nearby Minnesota grass fire burned it to the ground. I know of no items left from it on display anywhere.

As venerated as he was at the time, you’d of thought better care would have been taken to preserve it.

Binkley Models HO scale 60′ business car kit, MIB…


Found by a true brother in the Lord while out flea marketing. Original retail price back in the 1950s…$5.95.

If you have one true friend in the Lord you are truly blessed, and gestures like this aren’t about the thing so much as they are a physical reminder that God has given you someone at your back. You would do well to honestly access whether you have one or not and…if not, why not?

Faithful are the wounds of a friend; but the kisses of an enemy are deceitful.—(Pro 27:6)

Walther’s original “Tongue-in-Cheek” series Oscar and Piker…

…for those of us who don’t take our modeling too seriously. Walther’s offered these kits initially to be a introduction course to building their more difficult heavyweight car kits. It wasn’t long before they popped up everywhere…much like the Athearn Hustler, to be a model railroader meant owning one of these…




They featured full interior detail made from bits of wood and printed paper, and had a lot more charm than their ready-to-run counterparts that came much later. I picked these up in a box lot and look forward to giving them a full restore this football season.

Lima N scale heavyweight circus observation car, circa early ’70s…

I received a formal offer on the job I’ve been posting about lately…salaried positions being a new thing to me, I never knew they had to be formally offered. A true Joseph moment, I’ve gone from being under 3 managers to supervising over 150 people, half of them managers themselves.

DUDE!!!!…I can’t believe I’m shopping for a briefcase…


A company car is included…an Accord or Civic most likely, not a private railroad car or limo…sigh…but hey, they pay for the gas and the upkeep.

I wonder how fast an Accord goes on the Interstate?

I suspect they’d take a dim view of me having runners go ahead of my chariot shouting, “Bow the knee, bow the knee…!

I wonder what an $8 cup of coffee tastes like…and just what is a triple latte mocha with a shot of caramel anyway?

I have a new appreciation for Dilbert comics.


Box lot…

What does one do when one’s chores are done and you’ve put out your feelers (i.e. resumes/applications) for the week?

You spend a couple hours turning a box lot of parts…


…into a string of cars…


…nineteen and counting to be precise—and two locomotives. Sweet.

I have four classes of rolling stock I set up in the initial inspection of any new box lot;

RTR = Complete and ready to roll, all bits are there, may need a cleaning at best.

Rolling wounded = Complete with all axles rolling, missing minor bits and/or couplers.

Round tuits = Cannot roll, missing major parts but still salvageable, will sit for awhile ’til I get a ’round tuit.

Buzzard bait = Saved only to strip of all usable parts, then unceremoniously tossed in the trash.

Oh yeah, I can see you’re edified. 😉

Bachmann HO scale San Francisco cable car, “Powell and Hyde Sts.”

Picked up with its original box in the used bin at the LHS on Christmas Eve, while helping my brother-in-law get acquainted with the hobby. I may post a better picture later…but, this seems so appropriate…somewhat blurred, with one set of wheels off track…kinda like the holidays went around these parts…

Some of you may recall the fate of the last one I owned, this one is safe though…for now.


Blessings, grace and peace to you and yours, Br’er Shaygetz