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Tyco Daredevil Jump race set with Nite Glow…

…picked up at a local thrift store sans the two ’79 Pontiac Firebird Trans Ams with headlights…sigh… But hey, now my son and I can race each other, his interest especially peaked with the addition of Batman’s “Tumbler”*** and a Gotham City PD cruiser to race around the track. It also had all the track, guard rails, pillars, controllers, wall wart and 5 of the 6 barrels for the jump. With only one nicked connector, that’s not bad for a 30 year old set.


I was disappointed in the phony wheels on the Tumbler, especially when I realized they went to great lengths to duplicate the unique front wheel arrangement. They completely redesigned the chassis for this car, it would have been no mean step to add some knobby weenies to it, instead of those cheesie shrouds. The lack of working flashers on the cruiser, in a day when McDonald’s Kid’s Meal toys come with more sophisticated circuitry, makes for another noticeable shortcoming. Alas, my boy is smitten, I’ll just have to figure out a way to wire in 6 volts of power as these are also made for battery powered sets.

***No, my son has not and will not see any of the Batman movies, except for “Batman, The Movie” from 1966. He has however, inherited his father’s enjoyment of plausible science fiction, the Tumbler being quite a piece of work in that regard.

Tyco Super Cars Twin Pack #8980T Lamborghini/Corvette ZR-1…

I’ve always enjoyed HO slot cars. Though not true HO scale…the motors, the tires, the semi scale appearance…they all make for a great show even standing still for me. These were a nice little find, for less than the price of a Coke, on Father’s Day as dad was perusing a junk box at a local flea market.



The wing of the Lamborghini was malformed at the factory, a tale of things long coming in the Tyco line of electric toys. Haven’t figured out the set those two Corvettes go to. They glow in the dark but don’t have working headlights so, as far as I know, they are not part of the “Nite Glo” racing sets.