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1/24 Action Racing Collectibles Platinum Edition Dale Earnhardt #15 WRANGLER 1983 Thunderbird

A nice score found at a yard sale, I’ve wanted to add at least one of “The Intimidator’s” cars to my very small NASCAR collection. One of the original coin banks from the early 1980s that started the whole diecast hobby, it models a time when the cars were real and could easily be distinguished from one another…i.e. ’twas more than stickers that told you what brand it was… an added bonus.  At one point these were easily fetching $250 with the original box but, as time passes, like any collectable “investment”, the values have fallen considerably…more into the $40-50 range.

 photo P7200226-640_zpscd2a67e3.jpg

 photo P7200224_zps13b33b93.jpg

 photo P7200220-640_zps4df3efe6.jpg

 photo P7200217-640_zps1902f0e0.jpg

 photo P7200222-640_zpsbed652bd.jpg

…it even has the original key.

I was working in a retail store at the time of the deaths of Allan Kulwicki and Davey Allison, and well remember the fans flocking in to grab up all of the Racing Champions Diecast we had of them. Since stocking those shelves was my job anyway, it wasn’t long before I was buying those models–with the employee discount–then reselling them at a local flea market. By then though, the market had been flooded and I considered myself blessed to at least recoup my money.

 photo DSCF9787.jpg

 photo DSCF9790.jpg

Was it wrong? That really is a decision of conscience one can only make with a right relationship to the Lord Jesus Christ. There are no specific “Thou shalt not capitalize on the mouldering corpse of a fallen celebrity.” verses, or even a principle against that which can be garnered from any Scriptural study I’ve looked into. I am however, told to take reasonable risks on reasonable investments, understanding that the money belongs to the Master of the house and for which I am accountable upon His return for it. I’m also told that “…that which is not done in faith is sin…” and, between the Master and I, there is a certain morbidity that cannot be overcome, and that the appearance of which would trouble weaker brethren. That is why this car now sits on my shelf and why I treasure it for more than the thing that it is.

Busch HO scale State Police cars…

…my birthday present from where I work (actually the check they gave covered them), my grand slam set from every state I’ve ever called home.

The Maryland car was the hardest to find…I actually convinced myself that they simply weren’t made. Had to come all the way over from Germany…


The Louisiana one was next hardest, I knew they were available, they’d simply slip out of my grasp like one of Troy Landry’s gators whenever I got close. This one came all the way over from Austria…


The Delaware and Florida ones were easy table pickin’s at swap meets, hardy any effort at all and picked up years ago…they were the ones that drove my quest…taunting me like two recalcitrant kids helping their siblings to hide from Dad…



1956 Post Cereal premiums…

A long standing mystery for me has finally been solved.

For years this little truck graced my grandparents Christmas garden. My earliest childhood memories of this garden always included this little truck, primarily because it was so out of scale to the surrounding details, it being near N scale vs the near HO size of everything else. I was always told it came from a box of cereal.

When Pop Gus went home to our Lord some years back, Mom passed this and several other vehicles that graced that layout all those years ago on to me. Upon finding a link to “Ken’s Cereal Car Collection”, a favorite vehicle on my N scale layout now has a more complete history…