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For perspective…

When I was a member of a club, I ran Thomas often at train shows and open houses, to the delight of children and their parents.  I well remember the squeals of a little girl as she came into one of our open houses.  When her eyes fell on Thomas across the layout, she called out, “Thomas, Thomas, look Mama…”, as she ran across the room.  Just as she got up to him, Thomas’ eyes moved towards her and she squealed, “Mama, Mama, he looked at me, Thomas is real, he’s real!!”  Moments like that made him worth every penny and there were plenty of those moments to cherish.

Then there was a meeting.  Apparently one of the members had objected to Thomas running through their expensive and hard built scenery and so a vote had to be brought up.  Though they were never named, it was clear from the agitated stance who it was, a modeler whose work I liked and looked to for inspiration.  Not wanting a war to break out over something I thought trivial, I offered not to run the locomotive any longer.  But, the die was cast, the issue had to be properly resolved and, by an overwhelming majority, Thomas was voted to stay.

Sadly, the friendship I had with the modeler involved, did not survive the debate.  They chose to carry the resentment on, even though I never ran Thomas again.  When I heard news of his death a few months later, I was deeply saddened at the thought of carrying such a chip on one’s shoulder into eternity over something so utterly pointless.  Now more than ever I remember that this is just a hobby, a mindless platform that God has blessed me with and to use to reach others.  One day it will all burn, a thousand years from now it will be a distant, fading memory of a temporal life, as we live forever in His presence—or apart from it.  Never forget that.

The more His patience is abused, the sharper will be the wrath He inflicts. All the time men are abusing His patience, God is whetting His sword, and the longer it is whetting the sharper will be the edge…Presume not upon God’s patience. The exercise of it is not eternal; you are at present under His patience, yet while you are unconverted you are also under His anger: (Psa 7:11) “God is angry with the wicked every day.” You know not how soon His anger may turn His patience aside, and step before it. It may be His sword is drawn out of the scabbard, His arrows may be settled in His bow, and perhaps there is but a little time before you may feel the edge of the one or the point of the other, and then there will be no more time for patience in God to us, or petition from us to Him. If we die without repentance, He will have no longer mercy to pardon, nor patience to bear.Stephen Charnock

22 thoughts on “Welcome to the new home of Mr. Bob’s Model Works Emporium…

  1. Michael W. Stevenson

    Was following links from RR materials on YouTube and found your site. Will get back to you soon I hope. BTW I worked 7 years for CSX around Detroit as a yard clerk and train order operator. I went into other work after that but never lost my interest in railroads.

  2. Brant Steffey

    Bob, I love this stuff on here brother. . . I am a Believer in the doctrines of grace and love your links . . . Spurgeon, Pink, John McArthur . . . to name a few are my fav’s. i have always struggled balancing the Hobby with a perspective of eternity! Great wisdom of yours my friend!!!!

  3. Bob

    Nice website! I know there are more hobby Believers of Christ out there, but you are the first I have come across that dedicates the website to both the Lord Jesus Christ and His Salvation ministry and to that of building scale models. May God continue to show His unfailing Love to you and your’s. You have spurred me back to the right direction and balance of Jesus 1st, Other’s Second, and Yourself last. (JOY).

    In His Hands Always, whether I see it or not!

    Bob Carlos

    1. shaygetzshaygetz Post author

      I appreciate the kind words and that you could readily see what this site is all about. May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you and yours as you grow in the knowledge of Him and His Word. Grace and peace…BC

  4. Fred Harris

    Hey Bob, with regards to your Miller 2000 air compressor. I just came into one myself and it has no belt. Do you know where one can obtain the belts for them? I love your trains. I do taxidermy work. Thanks in advance. Fred

    God Bless!

    1. shaygetzshaygetz Post author

      Thank you for the kind words. Wish I could help you there, but I figure it is probably a common size found anywhere fan belts for air compressors are stocked.

  5. Denny Ross

    A request of Mr. Bob,

    After 3 years of searching and looking I recently was able to purchase a Binkley’s model Business Car. It was complete except for the paper work ie. the instructions and any other information that might have came with the kit. I see on your original website a picture of the Binkley Business Car with the instruction sheet and I was wonderinig what it take for me to receive a jpeg scan of the paper work?
    I am a former employ of Pacific Fast Mail (1977 – 1984). I did the production drawings for several of the HO brass models imported from Korea by PFM. I am 75 years old and enjoy working on and restoring damaged or mistreated brass locomotives and tenders and bringiing them back to their former glory.
    I greatly appreciate your time and consideration on my request.
    Thank yoou,
    Denny Ross

  6. Bill Chandler

    I have a box full of parts from my younger years, late fifties, early sixties of an HO model train set. Includes 2 engines, cars, buildings, track, etc. Do you have any interest or maybe know a kid with interest. I’m willing to give them away to a good use.

    1. shaygetzshaygetz Post author

      Yes…I would indeed be interested. I work with Operation Christmas to put together sets for kids, and I also warehouse parts for older folks to fix their stuff. Email sent…

  7. Robert Ivancso

    My father just pasted. He was a HO collector for 50+ years. Can you help me? I have no clue I can’t even find the model #’s. I have over 200 engines and maybe 1000 cars. Plus a 20×10 layout. If you could (just to start)
    what train is what.
    Thank you

    1. shaygetzshaygetz Post author

      I can help and have helped many people over the years. I’m truly sorry for your loss. My best suggestion right off is to set up a Photobucket account to post pictures. From those, I can help you identify what you have and how best to pass them on. Be prepared for some discouragement , as there is not a lot of HO that is valuable or collectable–however–with patience and perseverance, along with good descriptions, you should be able to do well. By all means, try not to settle for the first offer to buy it all up. There are quick ways to sell it, but that is not the way to go. I hope I can help…again, I am truly sorry for your loss.

      Grace and peace, BC

  8. Robert

    Thank you for the condolences (it is always good to hear in this world) We started with your advice. It’s a project. Can you E-mail me? I belive you have mine.

  9. L. Nelson

    Hey Mr. Bob,
    I picked up two business cards from this past Christmas’s Animation in Motion display at our former K-Mart. The model railroads were my absolute favorites. My 18 month grandson was quite impressed to. At my church in Niceville we have a group of folks aged 50 on up, called the XYZ: Extra Years of Zest, who request speakers on a variety of topics and organize field trips.

    Would it be possible to organize a field trip to Shalimar to view and learn about the trains and/or organize a speaker to come to our church with a “slide show” and question and answer session? We meet at our church on the third Monday of the month. After a potluck to which the speaker is welcome, we hunker down for information and fun. A field trip on a Saturday would be possible unless you are open to an exclusive showing of the trains for a group of 10-20 people during the week.

    We would welcome a talk from you in April or May or after summer in October or November.

    Please contact me if either a talk or field trip or both may be arranged for our little club.

    Linda Nelson


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